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You Will Not Be Charged to Acquire a P3 Form

No medical facility or police officer should charge you to obtain a P3 form. The Court in its ruling noted that the Poliuce Charter states P3 as a free document. It has further been established that there are some police stations who are in compliance with the charter and give the form free of charge.

As for the health facilities run by the national and the county governments, some charge for filling, the P.3 form while some do not. The same facilities issue the Post Rape form free of charge whose purpose is complementary to that of the P.3 form to assist victims of rape and assault in their evidence in their criminal cases. The post mortem report in murder cases, the P.3 form for mental assessment and other forms are supplied by the state and the county governments free of charge.

The High Court made the following declarations:

1.That a declaration do hereby issue that the respondents are jointly and severally in violation of the basic principle of access as to justice in levying of fees for issue and for filling of the Medical Examination Form popularly known as P.3 form.

2. That a declaration do hereby issue that the Medial Examination Form, that is the P.3 form or any form required or issuable to victims of crime is free of charge and that no levy shall be imposed.

3. That an order of prohibition do hereby issue prohibiting the respondents, their agents or any medical officers in charge of public health facilities at both levels of government from levying fees for issue or for filling of the Medical Examination Forms (P.3s).

Read the full judgement here: https://hrdcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CON

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