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Meet the bold go-getter, Ikal Angelei, a woman HRD from Turkana

Ikal Angelei made history by staging a spirited opposition against the construction of the Gibe III Dam to protect the livelihoods of people living in northern Kenya.

Researching the potential impact of the Gibe III Dam, Ikal Angelei was shocked to discover that, although the project appeared to be bringing progress, it would potentially cut off the water supply to half a million farmers, herders and fishermen.

This prompted the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize winner to begin her campaign to block the building of the dam on the Omo River to protect Lake Turkana, a World Heritage site and the world’s largest permanent desert lake. Turkana is the source of livelihood for the people living in its environs.

Read her full story here: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/Kenya-s-bold-and-audacious-go-getters/1056-5059080-5o6i4kz/index.html

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