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GENDERED RISKS: Challenges WHRDs face in the course of their Work

A defender is characterized by the activity of promoting and protecting human rights. In answering the question ‘Why Focus on WHRDs, the report provides a starting point on the understanding of the challenges faced by WHRDs in Kenya in the course of their human rights work and the reasons why WHRDs in Kenya face these challenges in the course of their human rights work.
Women Human Rights Defenders, who put themselves on the front line in the promotion and protection of human rights, are subject to the same types of risks faced by their male HRDs, but as women, they are also targeted for or exposed to gender-specific violence and violations that have gendered consequences.
Violations that have gendered consequences refers to violations that are experienced by both male and female defenders, but may have different consequences for WHRDs because different social and cultural norms govern the gender identity, sexuality, and gender role of women in different
contexts. For instance, arbitrary arrest or detention of WHRDs adds an additional threat of sexual assault or violence when in custody.

Access the fact sheet for this report here: https://hrdcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Gendered-Risk_-Challenges-WHRDs-Face.pdf

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