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Feeling too young to Defend Human Rights?

A story of  Salma Abdulatif

Salma is a 23-year-old lady raised in Mombasa County who is currently pursuing her degree in Business Management (Maritime Option) at the Moi University, Eldoret Campus. She started her human rights work in 2015 and is also the founder and president of Motivational Talks for Youth Organization (MTY); a community based organization that focuses on youth empowerment and community outreach activities.

Passionate about a developing and leadership-oriented Mombasa, Salma designed an empowerment program under her organization, Motivational Talks for Youth that focuses on leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, community development/mentorship and talent nurturing. Through her initiative; she has by now impacted 3,033 youth of Mombasa County by providing them with mentorship, motivation, and empowerment to allow them revive their dreams and aspirations. She has to date mentored 687 youth of Mombasa County. As a result, she has been awarded a number of accolades.

Despite her successes, she has also experienced challenges notably limited financial resources to sustain her human rights work which she has tried to address through proposals for assistance to sponsors and even organized fundraising campaigns. Their hard work bore fruits and they now have 5 partners and 502 members.

Salma’s vision is to create her own innovation hub where youth can come together to creatively tackle complex problems, nurture their talents, take courses to and skills, build on their ideas and start pitching their start-ups to investors, formulate new strategies that will favor youth empowerment and ensure a significant reduction in drug abuse, early marriages, gang groups, violent extremism, drop out cases and unambitious and demotivated youth.

“The world will not remember how much money you had, the world will remember how you changed and touched their lives,” Salma Abdulatif


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