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Intolerance towards LGBTI individuals and organisations is exacerbated by laws which make same sex activity illegal. This creates an unsafe environment for LGBTI individuals to live openly in regard to their sexual identity and orientation, and hinders their access to health, safety and other public services. Despite Kenya being one of the more progressive countries in East Africa regarding LGBQ awareness and rights, the nation still prohibits LGBQ persons. From 2010 to 2014, Kenya prosecuted 595 people for their sexuality, and LGBTI organization, based in Nairobi, have been working to reverse strict laws prohibiting gay relationships.[1] More so, ITGNC HRDs together with their constituents face a number of challenges and issues in their work. Their work is never safe even where they have to set up an office due to fear of victimization by either the landlord or the community around. Security is not guaranteed when they are training their members especially now that they have to do it in their office compound. The sensation about it all turns to be a security threat to them. They have to be mindful of socialization issues and places.

NCHRD-K in partnership with GALCK developed a SOGIE guide and a training manual for the SOGIE community in 2017. The guide provides practical step- by step ways to ensure safety and security of LGBTI persons and SOGIE HRDs/ HROs that recognize and work to defend SOGIE as human rights in Kenya. It presents key concepts of safety, protection and security. It looks at risks and threats, and how LGBQ persons and SOGIE HRDs can respond to them and also provide information and explanation on what contributes to security risks and threats.

With all this in mind there is great need to sensitize ITGNC HRDs on the guide in order to enhance their ability to protect themselves in their often dangerous working conditions as well as contribute to enhanced efficiency in their efforts to protect those whose rights have been violated. NCHRD- K also feels there is need to conduct an extensive security needs mapping on ITGNC HRDs while sensitizing them as well on the Safety and Protection guide in order to enable them have a wider reach into the community.

It is for these and other reasons that NCHRD-K convened  one-day dialogues with  ITGNC HRDs to better understand the security concerns they face in the course of their human rights work and strategies in place to mitigate against those concerns for the purposes of developing a security guide and training manual for the ITGNC community.


To carry out a needs assessment security mapping amongst ITGNC HRDs from Nairobi, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Western and Coast regions in order to better understand the security concerns they face in the course of their human rights work and strategies in place to mitigate against those concerns.




The identification of safety and protection measures amongst ITGNC HRDs working on SOGIE issues.


The development of sustainable safety and protection measures informed by ITGNC HRDS security needs to ensure the safe conduct of their human rights work.


[1] In East Africa, Threats to LGBTQ Rights Intensify, Source; http://www.passblue.com/2017/12/12/in-east-africa-threats-to-lgbtq-rights-intensify/ , last accessed 21st July 2018


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