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Shelter City Netherlands: Call for temporary relocation in 2019

Justice and Peace Netherlands is launching a new call for human rights defenders at risk to participate in the Shelter City initiative around March 2019. The deadline to apply is 30 November 2018. 

Shelter City offers human rights defenders (HRDs) at risk a possibility for rest and respite by letting them escape temporarily from a threatening situation. The initiative can benefit human rights defenders that are threatened or under intense pressure due to their work. Shelter City is an initiative coordinated by Justice and Peace Netherlands together with  municipalities in the Netherlands, local partners, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How does Shelter City work?

Through temporary relocation, human rights defenders will be offered a shelter for 3 months in one of the Shelter Cities in the Netherlands, during which they can rest, continue their work in safety, build up capacity (including a one-week compulsory training on security), extend their network and raise awareness about the situation in their country. Activities can include meetings with NGOs and public authorities, public lectures, rest or leisure, treatment for work-related problems, continuing working on human rights in their country, raising awareness of human rights among the Dutch public or participating in local initiatives organised by the municipality and/or the host organisation. At the end of the programme, participants are expected to return with new tools and energy to carry out their work at home. A monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance, visa and return flight tickets to The Netherlands are provided.

Who can apply for Shelter City?

For the purposes of Shelter City, the term HRD is intended to refer to the broad range of activists, journalists, scholars, writers, artists, political figures, lawyers, civil rights defenders, independent media professionals, civil society members, and others working to advance human rights and democracy peacefully around the world.

Applicants must fulfill the following conditions:

In order to be eligible to the Shelter City programme, HRDs must meet the following conditions:

  1. They implement a non-violent approach in their work;
  1. They are threatened or otherwise under pressure due to their work.;
  2. They should be able to be relocated for a period of maximum 3 months. Limited spots are available for people who are not able to stay for the full 3 months;
  3. They are willing and able to return to their country of origin after 3 months;
  4. They are willing to speak publicly about their experience or about human rights in their country to the extent that their security situation allows.
  5. They have a conversational level* of English (limited spots are available for French or Spanish speaking HRDs);
  6. They are willing and able to come to The Netherlands without accompaniment;
  7. They are willing to begin their stay in The Netherlands around March 2019.

*By conversational English we mean that participants’ level of English allows them to actively participate in a training, speak about their work, communicate with the host city, etc.

Note that additional factors will be taken into consideration in the final round of selection, such as the added value of a stay in The Netherlands as well as gender, geographic, and thematic balance. Please note that we can only accept HRDs currently residing in a third country under exceptional circumstances.

To apply or submit the application of a human rights defender, please fill in the form by clicking ‘Apply Now’ below. Application forms must be completed by 30 November 2018, at 23:59 CET (Central European Time). An independent commission will select the participants.

Apply Now for Shelter City 2019

Note that the selected human rights defenders will not be automatically allowed into the Shelter City programme as Justice and Peace is not in control of issuing the required visas to enter the Netherlands.

For more information, please contact: sheltercity@justiceandpeace.nl.

Job pportunities in Human Rights Organizations


International Human Rights Training Program

The International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) is an internationally recognized intensive three week training program.Held in Montreal, Canada every June, the IHRTP is a world leading program on human rights education.  It is the only training in the world specifically dedicated to building the capacity and skills of human rights educators.

The program is a unique opportunity for human rights educators to acquire practical tools to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work while deepening their understanding of human rights.

Opportunity for Journalists to work with IMLU


About Us

The Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU) is a governance, health and human rights non-profit organization, whose vision is A Just World Free from Torture. Our work is underpinned by a holistic approach involving litigation, medical and psychosocial rehabilitation of survivors of torture, monitoring government adherence to its human rights obligations and advocacy for policy, legal and institutional reforms. Over the last 25 years, we have assisted over 5,000 victims of torture, cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment through the support of our national networks of professionals: doctors, trauma counselors, lawyers, human rights monitors and journalists. IMLU came into being way back in 1992, was registered as a trust in 1995 and subsequently as a non-governmental organization in 2003. Our programs are designed and aligned to our vision of a world free from torture, violence and discrimination, which we work towards realizing, through our continued work in promoting and safeguarding the rights of all against torture and ill treatment, by holding the state accountable.

Media and Human Rights

The role of media in protection of human rights and promotion of access to justice cannot be ignored nor minimized. Media is communicator of the public. The media has become interested not only in reporting violations of human rights, but in the institutional apparatus that has been designed to promote and protect the rights of all. Today, its role extends not only to giving facts as news, it also analyses and comments on the facts and thus shapes the views of the people. The positive impact of media on society towards this end is, today, beyond doubt and debate. The media has been setting for the nation its social, political, economic, human rights and even cultural agenda.

IMLU recognizes the important role played by reporters, columnists, correspondents, editors and other media practitioners who work to sensitize the public on human rights and thus putting the issues of access to justice on the radar of public debate in the country.

Our Engagement with the Media

Over the years we have strived to enhance our strategic engagements with media practitioners. As part of our strategy to strengthen our networks, we intend to hold a two-day training forum tentatively scheduled for 10th to 12th October 2018, with the main objective of sensitizing media practitioners on effective reporting on torture, violence and discrimination and related human rights violations. Through this sensitization forum we seek to increase the number of our network journalists and media practitioners who have resolved to join our quest for ‘A World Free from Torture, Violence and Discrimination’.

Who is Eligible?

We are looking for journalists and media practitioners who:

  1. Are passionate about torture, violence and discrimination and human rights reporting and have been involved in human rights advocacy in the course of their work
  2. Are passionate about media activism in addressing torture and human rights violations in the country
  3. Have experience, are passionate, and are interested in investigative journalism on human rights violations
  4. Are passionate about building alliances and partnerships in addressing torture, violence and discrimination and human rights issues in the country
  5. Are interested in working to assist victims of torture, violence and discrimination and human rights violations access justice
  6. Share in our vision of ‘A World free From Torture, Violence and Discrimination’
  7. Embrace the values of integrity, empowerment, courage and compassion

If you are interested in being part of this engagement, please send us your CV, a 300-word brief on your interest to participate in this very important initiative, and commitment to work with IMLU after the training, by close of business Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 to sbiko@imlu.org and a copy to ctunnen@imlu.org with the subject as ‘IMLU JOURNALSTS NETWORK FORUM’. We look forward to working with you towards ‘A just World free From Torture, Violence and Discrimination’

For additional information please contact us via phone number +254 724 256 800 or +254 712 876 573.

Opportunity!!! The American Bar Association (ABA) Center for Human Rights

Job Description:

Staff Attorney 

Center for Human Rights 



The American Bar Association (ABA) Center for Human Rights is seeking an experienced staff attorney to help lead its work on TrialWatch, an international trial monitoring program established by the Clooney Foundation for Justice which the ABA will be assisting in implementing.

The TrialWatch initiative seeks to expand the use of trial monitoring by training and facilitating the deployment of a new cadre of trained trial monitors, including non-lawyers. These monitors will assess the fairness of proceedings under international standards and, working with human rights experts, help prepare Fairness Reports on their findings. These Fairness Reports will then form the basis for a range of advocacy efforts and ultimately will be used to develop a Justice Index that ranks countries on their performance. The initiative will use innovative technology to take a data-driven approach to trial monitoring and engage in comparative analysis to facilitate reforms of the administration of justice around the world.

Read more on the job and application process here: https://www5.recruitingcenter.net/Clients/abanet/PublicJobs/Intranet/controller.cfm?jbaction=JobProfile&Job_Id=12201&esid=az

Call For Expression of Interest by CRECO

CRECO is currently implementing a project ‘Promoting Agricultural extension services in Baringo and West Pokot Counties with an aim of increasing livestock production by enhancing agricultural information through extension services.

As a part of this initiative CRECO is seeking to contract a consultant to conduct a model social audit of selected public projects on livestock extension services with a view to holding the county leaders accountable and to demand for accountability and transparency as regards the use of devolved funds and power.

Download the TORs here:http://nchrdk.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/CRECO-Social-Audit-Consultancy-DDP-2018.pdf

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