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Capacity Building

NCHRD-K’s Capacity Building Programme aims to ensure that HRDs develop the necessary skills….. to effectively defend human rights in their respective areas, such as women’s rights, children’s rights, or environmental rights. A second, key component of the capacity-building programme aims to help HRDs develop highly effective security management techniques to ensure their own safety. In addition, the programme aims at developing a train the trainer (TOT) programme to complement the work of the Secretariat staff in meeting the training needs of HRDs. Finally, to ensure successful collaboration with its service providers NCHRD-K trains them on how to recognize and respond to the needs of HRDs and on NCHRD-K’s own work on and with HRDs.

a) Skills Training“]The Capacity Building Programme trains HRDs and organisations throughout Kenya on issues such monitoring, documenting and reporting on human rights violations; how to mobilise resources, including through fund-raising; how to use information and communication technology for their human rights work; and how to use the national, regional and international human rights systems, including through litigation. All these trainings are offered on the basis of HRDs and organisation identifying themselves the need for training and approaching NCHRD-K to provide for the same. More specifically, the following training are offered.
b) Issue-based Training“]In conjunction with the Advocacy Programme, NCHRD-K provides training on emerging issues that require rapid and widespread knowledge sharing and mobilization. Topical trainings complement skills trainings by providing HRDs with the opportunity to approach interpret and employ knowledge about specific issues by using a broader range of skills, such as communication and advocacy skills.
c) Security Management Training“]Our security management training stems from the recognition that no one organisation can develop the capacity to fully provide for HRDs’ protection needs, and hence that HRDs must play an active role in ensuring their own security. To that end, NCHRD-K provides both security management training on its own, and makes security management a cross-cutting issue in all the other trainings that it has. In the latter case, we aim to tailor security considerations specifically to the other topics being discussed.

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