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You Will Not Be Charged to Acquire a P3 Form

No medical facility or police officer should charge you to obtain a P3 form. The Court in its ruling noted that the Poliuce Charter states P3 as a free document. It has further been established that there are some police stations who are in compliance with the charter and give the form free of charge.

A New Tool for HRDs to Reclaim Spaces

Our partners from Netherlands are currently developing a tool to allow you and other human rights defenders around the world to engage with policymakers, political authorities and legislatures on a more equal basis. We envision the tool as a multi-functional interactive platform which will help you build capacities, build networks and use evidence-based policy influencing to multiply the impact of

Meet the bold go-getter, Ikal Angelei, a woman HRD from Turkana

Ikal Angelei made history by staging a spirited opposition against the construction of the Gibe III Dam to protect the livelihoods of people living in northern Kenya. Researching the potential impact of the Gibe III Dam, Ikal Angelei was shocked to discover that, although the project appeared to be bringing progress, it would potentially cut


5TH APRIL 2019 We, the undersigned members of The Police Reforms Working Group-Kenya (PRWG-K) congratulate Mr. Hillary Mutyambai on his appointment as the 3rd Inspector General of the National Police Service. In particular, the PRWG-K wishes the incoming Inspector General of Police (I.G.P.) success as he takes on the reigns of leadership of the National

Kenya Establishes a National Committee on International and Regional Human Rights Obligations

The government of Kenya has established an intergovernmental committee on human rights that will be tasked to advise the government on measures necessary to comply with its international and regional human rights obligations and specifically to co-ordinate and prepare reports to and engage with international and regional human rights mechanisms (including treaty bodies, the universal

Right of Association Should Be Enjoyed By All Individuals by Virtue of Them Being Human Beings

Constitutional Petition No. 440 of 2013) JUDGMENT OF ASIKE MAKHANDIA. TA, Court of Appeal, Nairobi Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is in the context of this case apt. It neatly sums up what lies at the core of this appeal. This Article recognizes that all human beings are born free

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