Monthly Archives: May 2019

Human Rights Defenders of the Year Award 2019: Call for Nominations

INTRODUCTION Civic space in Kenya continues to be under pressure as a range of actions are being directed against the work of Human Rights Defenders (HRD) and Civil Society organizations in Kenya. Physical attacks, criminal and administrative actions, legislative restrictions, negative rhetoric and limitation of human rights have undermined the Constitutional and international protections available

Research Report: Supporting Assembly Rights in Africa

Although democratic and governance structures in Southern and East Africa unquestionably have transformed since the advent of multi-party democracy, true political inclusion remains an aspiration and not an achievement. This is evident from the increasing suppression by the State of civil and political rights such as the right to freedom of assembly and related rights


PRESS STATEMENT 2nd May 2019 The Police Reforms Working Group-Kenya would like to strongly condemn the gruesome murders of Kamaindi Location Chief Japheph Mayau Mukengu and the Chuka Officer in Charge of Police tation Mr Joshua Kinyua.According to media reports, Chief Mayau was hacked to death by angry locals from Kamaindi who allegedly accused him

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