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Right of Association Should Be Enjoyed By All Individuals by Virtue of Them Being Human Beings

Constitutional Petition No. 440 of 2013) JUDGMENT OF ASIKE MAKHANDIA. TA, Court of Appeal, Nairobi Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is in the context of this case apt. It neatly sums up what lies at the core of this appeal. This Article recognizes that all human beings are born free

UN Human Rights Council Adopts a Resolution to Recognize the Contribution of Environmental HRDs to The Enjoyment of Human Rights.

In a resolution (A/HRC/40/L.22/Rev.1) on recognizing the contribution of environmental human rights defenders to the enjoyment of human rights, environmental protection and sustainable development, , the Council expresses grave concern at the situation of environmental human rights defenders around the world, and strongly condemns the killing of and all other human rights violations or abuses

GENDERED RISKS: Challenges WHRDs face in the course of their Work

A defender is characterized by the activity of promoting and protecting human rights. In answering the question ‘Why Focus on WHRDs, the report provides a starting point on the understanding of the challenges faced by WHRDs in Kenya in the course of their human rights work and the reasons why WHRDs in Kenya face these

Defying Culture in Pursuit of Peace

Grace Lolim is human rights defender from Isiolo County. She is the chair of Isiolo Peace Committee and heads various peace initiatives in the county. Isiolo being a patriarchal county, she has defied the odds to bring cohesion between different communities in the area. She does not only pursue peace but also gender equality in

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